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Diesel Maintenance in Grande Prairie

The diesel engine is known for being a much more powerful and dependable option over a standard gas engine, especially for larger trucks or work-related vehicles. While diesel engines do offer better fuel efficiency and less emissions, they still require regular maintenance and service to ensure that you receive the best overall performance and lifespan from your diesel engine. 

Here at Grande Prairie Auto Repair, we are the diesel maintenance experts in Grande Prairie, AB. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand the ins and outs of diesel engines. Diesel engines are more complex and intricate in comparison to the standard gas engine, which is why you can trust just any shop to handle your truck. The diesel specialists at our shop can help you properly maintain your diesel vehicle throughout the years backed by knowledge and expertise. 

Although your diesel engine car will provide you with excellent performance and reliability, routine maintenance is still required to keep your car running at its best. The following maintenance items are some of the most important for diesel engines: 

  • Oil Changes - fresh motor oil is required to lubricate your vehicle’s engine and reduce carbon deposits.
  • Replace Air Filter - your vehicle’s air filter will become dirty/clogged over a certain period of time and should be replaced based on manufacturer recommendations or as needed.
  • Replace Fuel Filter - diesel engines have two fuel filters that will need to be replaced periodically to make sure fuel is clean and properly circulated.
  • Bleed the Fuel System - with diesel engines, air can get into the fuel system which can cause a lack of fuel to flow into the combustion chamber. Bleeding the system can take out air and ensure that there are no bubbles in the fuel.
  • Drain the Water Separators - diesel engine can get contaminated with water, which is why there is a water separator in the engine. This may need to be drained periodically to keep the diesel fuel clean.

The diesel maintenance items listed above are some of the most important when it comes to an efficiently running engine. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual is also a great source for information regarding what maintenance items your vehicle needs and when. We can help you with all of your diesel engine scheduled maintenance and ensure that your services are taken care of properly. Our shop is a state-of-the-art facility that only uses the best when it comes to both equipment and parts to guarantee the quality of our work, every time. 

If your diesel engine truck is due for maintenance, give us a call here at Grande Prairie Auto Repair or stop by our shop today for friendly service! 

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